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I read recently that the number of cars stolen has risen by 9% according to figures published by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS).

Many of the 75,000 odd incidents feature luxury vehicles targeted by organised gangs, but the humble Ford Escort managed to make it into the top ten of stolen cars, despite not being produced for over a decade.

The most stolen car was the Audi S3 which boasts acceleration from 0-60mph in less than five seconds and costs over £30,000 for just a basic model.The top ten stolen cars were:

1. Audi S3
2. Land Rover Defender
3. Land Rover Range Rover
4. Audi Q7
5. Ford Escort
6. BMW X5
7. Audi 5
8. Mitsubishi Shogun
9. BMW 5 Series
10. Toyota Hilux

An AA spokesman was reported in The Guardian as saying “the weakest link remains the driver and how they look after their keys”.  

Police recommend the following measures to protect your car:

• Park in an open, well-lit area.  Park in a garage if you have one and well in range of any CCTV cameras.
• Make sure all windows, sunroof and boot are securely locked before leaving the vehicle.
• Fit an alarm or immobiliser.
• Fix a steering wheel or gearstick lock.

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