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What is the most popular choice for a car colour?  What makes it so popular?  

I recently saw that Axalta Coating Systems have produced a Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report and thought you might like to see a summary of their findings and the worldwide top ten choices: 

1 - White.  For the seventh year running, white is the most popular colour, accounting for 39% of vehicles worldwide.  People relate white with top quality, and the popularity of the iPod and various other Apple products should not be underestimated.

2 - Black.  In second place with 16% of worldwide sales, black like white is perceived to be a colour of luxury and quality.


3 – Grey &Silver.  Tied in joint third place for the second year in a row, grey and silver each account for 11% worldwide sales. 

5 - Blue.  Blue has showed an increase in popularity and now rates at 7% worldwide just taking fifth slot ahead of red. 

6 - Red.  Meanwhile red slips down to just 6% of sales across the globe.

7 - Brown/Beige.  Apparently increasing because of the colours recent popularity in home décor, it accounts for 5% of the market worldwide.

8 - Yellow/Gold.  Has 3% of the market but they do stand out.  Yellow car!

9 - Green.  Possibly on the verge of a resurgence, but accounting for just 1% at present.

10 - Everything else.  This includes pink and many more bizarre choices and also accounts for 1% of the market worldwide.Whatever colour you choose you can be sure that Elite Repairs & Paint can find an accurate match for it if repairs are required.  Yes, even pink.

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