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One of the many tasks I undertake is headlight restoration

I find I am regularly asked a number of similar questions so thought I would use this month’s blog to answer the most frequent ones:

• Is there an alternative to buying expensive new replacement headlights?  Yes, reconditioning the ones you have instead.
• How long will restoration take?  Usually around 90 minutes but it can take longer in some cases.
• Why do my headlights get oxidised and hazy?  The usual causes are UV sunlight, exhaust fumes or road debris.
• What is UV sealant?  UV sealant is a barrier that protects against sunlight and other factors.
• Will my headlights stay looking new?  I can give you some tips on how to maintain them.
• What improvement will I see after restoration?  They will be like totally new headlights.
• Are there any MOT rules about headlights?  Not having enough light output can result in an advisory or even a fail.
• I’ve heard about headlight restoration kits are they any good? 

Taking into account the cost of the kit plus the amount of time you will have to put in, plus the possibility that you might end up making your headlights worse, I would strongly recommend leaving this job to the experts.

If you are in the Gloucester area and need headlight restoration then give me a call on 01452 698700 for a first class professional job.

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