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Well, that’s the summer well and truly behind us. And it’s an unfortunate statistic that you are more likely to have an accident in the poor weather conditions that are bound to be heading our way than in the summer.

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, don’t make your insurance company your first call. Instead, call us for advice and we can even arrange recovery and a hire vehicle at no expense to you if it was not your fault.

I won’t bore you with too many facts, but most people believe that their insurance is there to protect them. This is strictly true in a FAULT accident, but not an accident where it is the other persons fault.

Even if it isn’t your fault, it still goes down as a claim on your policy which means:

⚫Your premium will increase
⚫ You lose you No Claims Bonus if not protected
⚫You will have to pay your excess, both voluntary and compulsory which on average is around £500!! (Yikes!!)
⚫Some insurers won’t even provide a hire vehicle!
⚫They will only allow you to take your vehicle to their ‘approved garage’ who likely has a peanut pennies deal meaning they restrict type time that can be spent repairing your vehicle and you don’t get as good-a-job as you would taking another route.

So, this autumn and winter, if you find yourself involved in an accident which you believe wasn’t your fault, CALL US FIRST and we will help you with every step of your claim.

Make sure you save our number just in case you find yourself in this exact situation - 01452 698700

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