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You may remember that last month I talked about getting ready for the winter months and the possible extreme weather we may experience.

One thing I didn’t mention was winter tyres. I do get asked about them from time to time so thought I would let you have some of the most common Q&As:

• What are winter tyres? They are tyres designed to give you a better grip and safer road handling in cold weather conditions. Typically when temperatures drop below 7°C standard tyres tend to harden and have less grip. Winter tyres utilise a different compound of rubber incorporating more silica, however, allowing the tyre to stay supple even at low temperatures. They also have extra grooves in the tread which means they are better at generating heat and dispersing slush.

• Will they affect the economy of my vehicle? The higher rolling resistance of winter tyres do force the engine to work harder, which may in turn affect fuel economy.

• Do I need to inform my insurance company? Some require you to tell them, others don’t, so take a good look at your policy.

• Do winter tyres wear out more quickly in the summer? Simply put, no. A good set of winter tyres will easily cope with warmer weather without any extra wear and tear.

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