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When it comes to car repairs, a common problem that all cars face is corrosion. Rust is a car owner's worse nightmare and is due to the type of materials that the car is manufactured from. If you find any spec of rust on your car it is important to get it to a body repair shop straight away, like Elite Repairs.

So, what causes cars to rust?


When iron and water meet each other, the iron oxidises and if it is exposed to this moisture for a long period of time the metal can rust. The most common causes of rust on a car is wet weather such as rain, sleet and snow. If your vehicle is exposed to this type of weather for long periods of time it is best to check your car regularly for any signs of rust.


Road salt and the use of salt to remove ice and snow from the windscreen of your vehicle can cause rust. Sodium makes the metal more vulnerable to rusting as it can accumulate under the body of your vehicle, causing rust that you may not see!


A common cause of rust is neglect, which goes hand in hand with moisture and salt build-up. Regular maintenance can make rust less likely to develop and become a problem, so make sure that you take your car in for a check-up on a regular basis to help avoid rust developing on your vehicle.

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