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Once you’ve got yourself behind the wheel of your dream car you relish in that ‘new’ car feel.  


The key to keeping it in this condition is through proper maintenance. Not to mention the safety aspect for you and your fellow passengers of a properly maintained vehicle.

To keep your car in mint condition, you should consider adding the following things to your “to do” list.



We would suggest cleaning your vehicle interior and exterior at least once a month. That includes inside the boot and all the other hard to reach places. You should wax your car once every 4-6 months to maintain the exterior. If your car interior is leather, then we would recommend applying a protectant to stop this from cracking.



The elements can wreak havoc on the exterior of your car. If your car is your vehicle for everyday use, then a garage or car port would be the ideal place to store it. If it’s for more recreational use and perhaps you already have everyday cars outside your home, then it may be worth looking into a storage facility for the winter months perhaps.



There’s a reason it’s recommended you take your car for a yearly service. This service can help ensure all the important functions of your car are in top condition. From the oil, brakes, battery and tyres this yearly check up can help spot and rectify potential problems. So, don’t ignore that service light!



It is devastating when you bump or scratch your car. It may be hard outlaying the cash to get this fixed but in the long run it could really save you money. It will also cost you far less than someone will ever try to knock off your price if you try to sell.

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