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Car cleaning is often an overlooked task as one that “won’t take long” or isn’t “too difficult”. Yet achieving that professional finish is surprisingly challenging.


To help you achieve the finish of the pros for your car, here’s our top 4 best car cleaning tips.


Cleaning at the Right Time

It seems an obvious one but cleaning in the right conditions can make all the difference. You may think that a bright sunny day is the ideal time to be outside cleaning your car, however, that isn’t the case.

If you’re cleaning your car in direct sunlight, the water will evaporate quickly, often leaving grimy residue before you have chance to wipe it off properly.

Extreme heat also affects the strength of the chemicals in the products you’re using.

The best way to judge if it’s too hot is to touch your car. If it’s too hot to touch, then it’s too hot to clean.


Inside First

Once you have the ideal day sorted, it’s time to clear out all the rubbish from inside your car. Be sure to check all the door pockets and the glove box for any loose change or smaller objects.

If you have seat mats, remove these to clean separately.

Then you need to hoover the inside. Use the brush nozzle for all the hard surfaces, including the dashboard. This will help remove excess dust before polishing.

Then choose smaller nozzles to reach the narrow spaces down the sides of your seats.

If you have a pet that often travels with you, try using a wet cloth first to pick up the majority of the pet hair before vacuuming.

If you don’t have car detailing brushes for the vents and smaller spaces, clean make up brushes will do a good enough job.

The best cloth to use for dusting the inside of your car is a microfibre cloth. This will also prevent scratches on the plastic. Use with Turtle Wax Dash and Glass.

If there’s a particularly tough bit of dirt, try removing with blu tac, just rub it over the spot to lift the stain.


Car Floor Mats

If your car mats are rubber, hose or jet wash these off first then wash down with clean, soapy water. Giving them a good scrub to lift off all the dirt.

For carpet car mats use a carpet cleaning. We recommend Turtle Wax Power Out. It also comes with a handy built-in brush!


Time for the Outside

Start with a pre-wash to remove the top layer of dirt and grime from the outside of your car.

This should ideally be done with a pressure washer, using a snow foam on the entire vehicle. Then rinse this away with water.

Then prepare with two buckets, the first one is for rinsing after each contact with your car and the second should hold the wash solution.

This is to avoid putting dirty water back onto your car.

Wash your car using a mitt and a wash and wax product. Then move onto the wheels.

We would recommend using a product specifically for this job, one you can spray and simply leave to work its magic! Once the liquid has changed colour, wash off with water.

Finally, dry your car with a microfibre towel.

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