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Here at Elite Repairs and Paint, we have been refurbishing alloy wheels for many years.  Scuffing and scraping of your alloys are an inevitable part of car ownership and can ruin the look of your car, making it seem older than it is or badly maintained. Imagine your pride and joy looking a bit dishevelled and badly in need of some TLC!  We are just the people that can help!


If you have badly scuffed or scraped and scratched alloy wheels, well just bring your car over to us and here’s what we can do to bring them back into sparkling form once again:

  1. First of all we’ll give your alloys a really good clean to remove all of the traces of grime and dirt.  You’ll be amazed that just by doing this, they’ll look better already!  But more importantly, we can get down to the nitty gritty and thoroughly inspect the degree of damage.  We’ll take a look at their general condition and check out the scuffs, scrapes and scratches in all their glory!  Dirt and grime very often covers a lot of the damage, so it’s important that we clean them thoroughly before an inspection takes place.
  1. Once we’ve cleaned your alloys to within an inch of their life, we set about drying them properly. If we didn’t allow them to dry, the next processes simply wouldn’t work.  They need to be bone dry before we proceed….
  1. When we’re satisfied that your alloys are squeaky clean and thoroughly dry, we start to mask the wheel and tyres to protect them. This is a painstaking, but necessary job, obviously!
  1. Now the fun starts! We start off by lightly sanding the damaged areas and apply fillers to scratches and scuffs where required.  Once the fillers are dry (and we mean really hardened off!), we’ll give your alloys another light sand to remove excess filler and prepare them for the next stage.
  1. OK, so now your alloys are ready to be primed and painted. Firstly, we colour match the paint we use to the exact colour of your alloys.  The paint we use is sprayed on (hence why we mask your wheels and tyres!)  We lightly spray paint over the damaged areas and we blend the spray paint in with your alloys original paintwork.  This process could take a couple of coats, depending on the extent of the damage we’re trying to refurbish.
  1. The final process in our alloy wheel refurbishment is the lacquering stage. We lacquer your alloys to a high gloss finish and leave it to dry.  When the lacquer is thoroughly ‘cured’, we’ll then polish your alloys so that they’re bright and shiny and look like new!

So, there you have it!  TAH DAH! The process of alloy wheel refurbishment in a nutshell!  We are Elite Repairs and Paints – providing a first class service for all of your car repairs and paint restorations.  We have been working with clients in and around the Cheltenham area for over 20 years and are highly experienced and qualified in vehicle reparation.  Our services include car body repairs, paintwork, accident management, vehicle graphics, headlight restoration and alloy wheel refurbishment.

Why not bring your car to us at Elite Repairs and Paint and let us restore it to its former glory!  Take a look at our website for more information www.eliterepairsandpaint.co.uk or give us a call on 01242 701 327 – we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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