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I am not one to boast, even though I do believe we offer a first class service at very affordable prices.

Luckily you don’t have to take my word for it as we have collected numerous five star testimonials from our many satisfied customers.

Take this one left by ‘Cayman’:

“Stumbled on Elite Repairs & Paint when looking for a different garage. Initial impression was of a very friendly no pressure approach. I decided to leave them with a Porsche alloy that needed a complete strip. On collection the paint job looked very good. When getting home and comparing with original it was impossible to spot the repaired wheel so I therefore decided to leave the wife's mini with them.

I often hear tales of someone having a split bumper and taking it to a body shop who insist it has to be replaced. 

This is usually because they don’t have the specialist tools or knowledge to fix it.  I wouldn’t suggest that are doing it for the extra profit, of course.

Let’s face it, a new bumper can be expensive.  But does it really need to be replaced?

I have nearly twenty years of experience working with all types of vehicles and I pride myself on doing a professional job at an affordable price.  Let me take a look at the damage and I’ll give you my opinion and a quote.

I read recently that the number of cars stolen has risen by 9% according to figures published by the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS).

Many of the 75,000 odd incidents feature luxury vehicles targeted by organised gangs, but the humble Ford Escort managed to make it into the top ten of stolen cars, despite not being produced for over a decade.

What is the most popular choice for a car colour?  What makes it so popular?  

I recently saw that Axalta Coating Systems have produced a Global Automotive Colour Popularity Report and thought you might like to see a summary of their findings and the worldwide top ten choices: 

1 - White.  For the seventh year running, white is the most popular colour, accounting for 39% of vehicles worldwide.  People relate white with top quality, and the popularity of the iPod and various other Apple products should not be underestimated.

2 - Black.  In second place with 16% of worldwide sales, black like white is perceived to be a colour of luxury and quality.

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